Target Group: German as a Foreign Language Teachers, German Teachers, Graduates of all Subjects, German Studies Students, Students of translation or candidates for a translator examination, teachers of German

Course Language: German

Language Level: C1 / C2

Requirements: At least a pass at B2 level

Weeks: 4

Hours per Week: 31

Subject: Language, Translation, Intercultural Behaviour

Course Content:

As the German language is the focus and basis of all course events, we provide language training as a means of improving and expanding participants' active and passive command of German. The main objective is to promote awareness of the lexical, syntactic, textual and stylistic standards of contemporary German, as well as to improve students' ability to analyse selected types of German texts.

Responsible translation should also involve consideration of the basic theory and methodology of the subject. Alongside training in the language itself, other events are offered covering subjects such as the history of translation and interpreting, theoretical and practical translation problems and the fundamental methodological requirements for responsible and efficient translation work.

Given the importance of the mediatory role of communication between cultures - which implies that not only linguistic and translation skills are essential, but also a command of the specific forms of interaction (intercultural behaviour) between the two cultures - the events dealing with foreign culture competence also cover various aspects of social and cultural life in the German-speaking countries (economy and business, industry, the legal system, as well as cultural, social and political trends and developments).

Besides practical language modules, qualified trainers also offer intensive training in the following skills:

  • translation of texts in everyday or technical language
  • unprepared interpreting and interpreting during negotiations
  • simulation exercises and sit-in experience
  • acquisition of technical language skills
  • work on terminology, research methods

The course is presented in collaboration with the “Übersetzungszentrum Kassel” (Kassel Translation centre).
The languages focused on are: Russian, Spanish, English, Polish and Turkish. Course participants who speak the above languages are guided by certified translators and official interpreters. Participation of prospective students with other source languages may be possible on request.

  • Minimum number of participants: 12
  • Arrival day: one day before course starts
  • Cancellation of course booking on account of visa problems:
    Should a course participant, having registered from abroad not receive a visa, the course fees will be repayed to him / her less a cancellation fee of 20 % of the course fee. In such a case, the original notice of rejection from the German embassy or consulate must be supplied prior to commencement of course. On this point, see also our general terms and conditions:
    > terms & conditions.

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